Ruth Nyirenda

Ruth nyirenda

My name is Ruth Nyirenda, I was born on a windy and sunny day in August in Kabwe the central part of our lovely county Zambia. I grew up in a small family with adults that is my elder brothers and sisters, both of my parents passed on when I was very young. Because of this, I never really knew what it meant to be a kid.

As for my education, I did my primary and part of my Secondary school in Kabwe at Stephen Luwishya Girl and Caritas Convent School. Later my elder sister who was supporting me was transferred to Serenje District and that is where I completed my grade twelve.

Whilest at Caritas I was very active in almost every sport activity such that after completion of high school, I made a choice to become a teacher by pursuing physical education and Sports and Civic Education at tertiary level at Nkrumah Teachers College.  Whilest studying , I was elected as a sports leader. Leading up to this position, I completed numerous hours of voluntary work which included taking part in after school clubs within college. This motivated me to pursue physical education and Sports at Undergraduate.

Currently, I am pursuing a Duo degree a combination of Masters in International Sports and Event Management and MBA Masters in Sports Management.

I am very fortunate because back in Zambia I lecture physical education and sports at Malcolm Moffat College of Education, and this provided me with the opportunity to coordinate all sporting activities in the college. Above all , I am a serving Vice National coordinator for Netball at college level and I also sit on the Provincial Advisory Sports Board.

Additionally, I also worked with the Save the Children as a link teacher for Northen, Luapula and Central province and we managed to introduce student council in Schools, this project was surely an ideal opportunity for me because a lot of NGOs started engaging me in their projects such Civic Education Association of Zambia, YMCA, VVOB to mention but a few.

Currently I am on part-time job with Agony sports and events right here in Germany as Assistant Event and Facility Manager. This has given me the opportunity to network with various sport professionals that have shown kneen interest to start up sports academy in Zambia.

In conclusion, I am a determined person who belives in working hard in order to achieve my goals and going to church is my life style.