Featured Zambians

The featured Zambians who are making a difference everyday in the best possible ways they can, these months featured are…

Back to his family „combination“ which clearly reflects the pride that any Zambian should have, that of „One Zambia One Nation“. He remembers when the grandmother from Samfya would visit Choma where Keith was born and the other grandmother who originates from eastern province would come from monze for a visit too. It was always an interesting scene to see them using deep bemba and deep Tumbuka to communicate with each other. Each one sticking to their language but communicating with so much respect and affection towards each other.

Dr. Keith Hamaimbo

Whilest studying , I was elected as a sports leader. Leading up to this position, I completed numerous hours of voluntary work which included taking part in after school clubs within college. This motivated me to pursue physical education and Sports at Undergraduate level. Currently, I am pursuing a Duo Degree, a combination of Masters in International Sports and Event Management and MBA Masters in Sports Management.

Ruth Nyirenda